Turkey’s success in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles

Turkey has achieved important developments in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years. Unmanned aerial vehicles provide the opportunity to use even in bad weather conditions shaped according to the weather conditions of Turkey. Anka produced by Tusas and Bayraktar unmanned aerial vehicles produced by Baykar are the cornerstones of Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicle. Turkey used these vehicles on many battlefields. The most used place was the war of Karabakh and azerbaijan achieved great succes in the war thanks to Bayraktar TB2.

Historical development

Bayraktar TB2

Bayraktar Blok A First Automatic Flight Test was completed on 8 June 2009 at Keşan Military Airport. On October 3, 2009, Bayraktar Blok A carried out the flight tests in the presence of the official delegation at Sinop Airport. On January 6, 2012, the Tactical UAV Development Project started. It made its maiden flight on 29 April 2014. Until today , more than 200 have been produced. The unit cost is 6 million dollars.


Anka male is in the UAV class. Designed for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance missions in the early 2000s. Anka has proven itself in many tasks by undergoing changes over the years. Anka, which was produced for Turkey’s need for medium altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, made its first flight on 30 December 2010. It was put into service in April 2013. Anka-S, the advanced model of Anka, was put into service in 2017. 58 units are produced and the unit cost is 5-8 million dollars. Anka being used in Turkey and Syria.

Technicial Specifications

Bayraktar TB2

Body length : 6.5 m

Wingspan: 12 m

Total Takeoff Weight: 700 kg

Payload Weight: 150 kg

Max speed: 120 Knots

Usual Cruising Speed: 70 knots

Service altitude: 27,000 feet

Airtime: 27 Hours

Operation radius: 300 km


Body length: 8 m

Wingspan: 17 m

Total Takeoff Weight: 1.500 kg

Payload Weight: 350 kg

Max speed: 217 km/h

Usual Cruising Speed: > 75

Service altitude: 30,000 ft

Airtime: 24 – 32 hours

Operation radius: 200 km

Weapon Systems

Bayraktar TB2

L-UMTAS , MAM , Roketsan Cirit


Roketsan UMTAS , Roketsan CİRİT , Roketsan MAM-L , Roketsan MAM-C


Bayraktar TB2

Turkey , Qatar , Ukraine , Azerbaijan , Libya , Poland , Morocco


Turkey , Tunisia


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